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March 15th, 2017

PMP’s International Focus Comes Full Circle in Gainesville

PMP recently expanded its customer base to include part sales and consulting services for Indianapolis based, Larry Dixon Racing.

Following this year’s Winternationals, Larry Dixon and PMP’s Mike Domagala went to work assembling a crew and securing the parts and pieces necessary to prepare for the 2017 Gatornationals. “I was excited when I got the call from Larry” said Mike Domagala, Owner, PMP. “We had talked a lot about working together someday in the future. Larry and I discussed the short window of time and the challenges with readying a new racing operation in time for the Gatornationals. We agreed to give it our best shot.”


For Mike, who spends his days accruing and distributing parts for both domestic and international drag racing teams, the challenge was welcomed. Being under the gun is not something new to most veteran drag racers. There’s a sense of normalcy that comes from working long hours to prepare for a quick pass down the dragstrip.


Fighting their tight time schedule, the LDR crew worked late into many nights to prepare. Proving what is learned in Drag Racing 101; when time is on your side, you’re able complete the task at hand. And, when time is not on your side - you still complete the task that at hand.


PMP’s business model continues to focus on international parts distribution and consultation services. “Our focus has led to some really fantastic opportunities and relationships amongst the international drag racing community,” said Mike. “Not the least of which includes a friendship with the Rapisarda family. Both Santo Jr. and Santino agreed to come over from Australia and help out for the Gainesville race. We couldn’t be more thankful for their dad’s blessing and their willingness to join us.”

Premium Motorsports Products, LLC (PMP) is a domestic and international high-performance parts distribution company. Owner, Mike Domagala has over 17 years of hands-on experience in the fields of NHRA Drag Racing, FIA European Drag Racing, IHRA and The Australian National Drag Racing Association. PMP strives to ensure race teams world-wide have access to the best parts, service and consultation available. To learn more visit:

February 7th, 2017

Premium Motorsports Products (PMP) partners with Hallings Performance to offer high-performance, specialty fasteners and bolts. Testing of Top Fuel Head Studs by 3x NHRA World Champion Matco team proves successful.

PMP rolled-out and successfully tested its Hallings Performance line of head studs on 3x NHRA World Champion Don Schumacher Racing’s Matco Tools Top Fuel Dragster during 2017 NHRA Nitro Spring Training.

“After extensive research and collaboration, we’re certain that Hallings Performance fasteners and bolts are far superior to any competitor’s.” said Mike Domagala, Owner, PMP. With over 100 years’ experience in metallurgy, The Hallings Company brings a new level of excellence to high-performance industries.

The Hallings Top Fuel head studs tested on the Don Schumacher Racing’s Matco Tools Top Fuel Dragster in Phoenix, are developed from a high-quality material most closely comparable to H-13. The grain structure is far denser to H-11 and has been stretch-tested to withstand 267,000 PSI. “The stretch that occurs naturally in TF studs, does so in the body of our Hallings Performance product, not in the thread, like our competitors,” noted Mike Domagala. “With this design, Matco crew members found the stud stayed in place when the nut was removed without the use of a sealing gel, making for a quicker turnaround.”

“The test went great!” said Mike. Antron’s dragster clocked a pair of 3.71’s with the PMP/Hallings Performance studs locked in place. “We’re thankful to Brian Corradi and Mark Oswald for testing our product. What better way to showcase these studs than for the reigning Top Fuel World Champs to include them in their combination?”

“My colleagues at The Hallings Company have rigorously tested our products. We utilize the best possible heat-treating methods” said Goran Edman, Owner, Hallings Performance and Top Fuel Crew Chief for Micke Kagered Racing (Sweden). “We tested our product last November in Clay Millican’s Top Fuel Dragster and all parties were pleased with the results. As development continues, we’re excited to showcase our product line world-wide through our partners, Premium Motorsports Products.”


The entire line of Hallings Performance products will be offered by PMP and are fully-customizable to suit any customer’s needs. Both PMP and Hallings Performance understand the uniqueness of their high-powered customers. With motors reaching 10,000 HP, there is no room for error. For product inquiries, please email

Premium Motorsports Products, LLC (PMP) is an international high-performance parts distribution company. Owner, Mike Domagala has over 17 years of hands-on experience in the field of NHRA Drag Racing, FIA European Drag Racing, IHRA and The Australian National Drag Racing Association. PMP strives to ensure race teams world-wide have access to the best parts and service available. To learn more visit:

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