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PMP is proud of its partnership with DHL since 2014!
World-class racers deserve world-class shipping services. That's why after we meticulously pack each order, we work with DHL to get shipments to customers around the world in as little as four days. Message us for a quote on your next parts order! #racewithpmp
We're thankful for the opportunity to help bridge the gap between U.S. racing manufacturers and racers around the world. Our partnership with DHL has allowed us to serve customers in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond. Customers have come to expect a wide selection, one-on-one customer service, and quick shipping times. Message us to get a quote on your next order. #racewithpmp
We work with our international shipping partners at DHL to help maximize the benefit of working with PMP by minimizing shipping delays for our customers. Because both DHL and PMP know racers need parts and equipment to arrive as soon as possible. Message us to get an estimate on your next order! #racewithpmp
Everyone: But how?! 😳
Premium Motorsports Products: Organize, calculate and plan. Inches to spare. #containershipping #monstertruck #sprintcar
Thanks to our partners at DHL. Work with the best #racewithpmp

Partnering with DHL gives us peace of mind knowing that our shipments are overseen by the best in the business. Our standard of service is high and DHL meets us where we’re at every single time!

Now it’s time to race!! Sending the best to all our Australian customers and friends!

Shipments ✈️ + Sunshine 🌞 + our driver Sam 👨. It’s gonna be a good day thanks to our friends at @dhl#racewithpmp #dhl
Portions of the racing supply chain may have slowed, but our international shipping is as fast as ever. Thanks to the quick work of our partners at DHL, we're able to offer shipping in as little as 3-4 days! It's just one of the ways we work to get parts to racers around the world as quickly and safely as possible #racewithpmp
We know shipping delays can be frustrating, especially when you just need that part right away. We work with DHL to minimize delays for our customers around the world. Give us a chance the next time you need racing parts from the U.S. Message us to get started! #racewithpmp
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